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4 Nov 2009

Its about time I update my blog. I've been into heavy thinking recently. So much that it might affect my own being.

Sometime I just wonder does my dad even treat me like his son? I do appreciate him and stuff but does he even care that he has son ? I don't really feel anything he does for me or should I say does he even do anything for me? I know he does stuff for me but they are either bad memories or memories that don't last.



10 Jul 2009

I was just inspired to blog once again by my good old primary school classmate. May sound hilarious but its true! Its brings us all the way back to primary school when I first met him in class 2-8 and I think the teacher that taught us was Mr Yeo. I've no idea where he is now but I do hope he's still alive and kickin! He's one cool old dude man. So much memories left behind in St Andrews and it starts to draw a picture as I think of the past. To people who knew the old Nicholas Chew, they wouldn't want that fella back right now. Honestly, I was a terror when I was young. People gave me names like Chucky and Little Rascal. Sounds like I had a rough past eh?

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11 May 2009

I shouldn't be doing this at a time like this but I find that there's too much inside of me that has to be expressed through words if not, conversations. I have lost this feeling of urgency. I'm really trying to gain it back. My senses are numb as for currently. I have yet to find what's the cause of this feeling. My feelings are relied on my actions. How I act determines my feelings. Sometimes I'd just stare blankly at the recent gloomy sky. Watch as the rain comes and wet the whole area. Creating a mess out of everything in its way. Wonder how much damage it might cause to the people around. I can just blankly stare into it for hours not getting bored but what do I gain? I will not gain anything through this action.

I want to do so much but there are so much restrictions in growing up/life. Well its part and parcels of life, growing up. I'll just have to be patient.

I'm still wondering what's planned for me ahead and I wonder what's on God's mind that's planned out for me. Seriously I wonder and think about this. I have a long day tomorrow and I'm spending my time blogging now. Can't carry on like this. My sleeping habits have to change! Seriously an urgent change is what I crave now! So many unexpected happenings occurred these few weeks. Well, some were pleasant and some weren't. Unfortunately, I'm involved in afew of these happenings. I've got to get some rest now before my exam tomorrow.

Cheers readers although I think there aren't any. =\
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9 May 2009

Conclusion, my sleeping habits have changed. I can't live on like this once again. I used to have insomnia. Getting it almost every week of my secondary school life. Just getting plain upset to receive it once again. I hope that it'll change soon!

I've been up to lots of thinking these 3 days. Thinking about my plans, worries and family. I have a great family to begin with. Some might not agree with me yet some do. I thank God for placing me into this family. Sometimes I do get alittle pissed @ the things my parents do but nevertheless, they're after all my parents. I have to really appreciate my aunts and uncles. They are really nice people to know. Being their nephew, I really sense the love from them. The love they portrait to their kids too. I do look up to them as good upbringing for their kids. I want to set myself a standard through their actions like spending quality time with their kids and spouse. I want to make sure that I do that even if time makes it hard.

Anything can be a problem but its what we want that problem's outcome to be lies in our hands. I currently have problems. Even the world's successful person do have problems. Problems are never far from anyone. Its how we face that issue and how we manage matters. I do want to face my problems and issues in a different matter. Facing the problems sometimes takes courage too and where do we gain this courage? I find my courage in Christ. God has never fail to see me through every problem and issue. Its just whether I want to look for Him or not.

There are so many things to yak about but I need to find time to catch up on rest too. Its about time I turn in before heading down to Ps Richard's house. I need to find that place too. Not sure how I'm gonna get there but I'm sure I'm gonna get there somehow.

Sometimes it takes time to heal wounds whereas sometimes the would are penetrated so deep its hard to know when it'll heal


4 May 2009

Being sick doesn't feel good. Getting sick perpetually is worst. I'm getting sick on a consistent basis these days. Does the brain play a part in this sickening area? I have much so much on my mind these days and I've decided to drop all the thinking and put myself in action. No point thinking so much too. There has to be a limit to thinking. I have not set that limit yet but I will set that one day. I just hope the day comes soon.

"The primary fact that Jesus is alive is enough to give me reason to praise Him"